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    Les Ateliers


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    Meet Sunil

    of our


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    Chantefrais Convention

    on a road trip

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    Safire, a great human adventure

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    Everything about chicken in Mauritius

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    A free range chicken

    What is it?

    A brand, a certification, a specific breeding? Avipro takes stock in 2 minutes ...

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    The story

    of our tray

    Chantecler is swapping polystyrene trays for compostable ones, an initiative which arose from its desire to reduce the harmful impacts of its activities on the environment ...

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    All about Avipro

    A pioneer in poultry production in Mauritius, its main activities include breeding and production, grouped respectively under its Farming and Processing entities.

Our commitments

  • Sustainability and renewal of natural resources

    Preserve an ecological balance by reducing the impact of our activities on the environment

  • Sanitary excellence and the welfare of living beings

    Develop a production process that ensures the strength and resilience of its ecosystem, respect for farm animals, and the health and wellbeing of consumers.


    Contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the communities and consumers who are closely linked to our activities.

  • 2019


    Develop social projects driven by innovative collaborations, and which ensure that our employees are engaged and enthusiastic about work.

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